Little Sahara Sand Dune State Park
Waynoka, Oklahoma
Located just outside the panhandle of Oklahoma, you'll find the tiny town of Waynoka. It is home to some of the most pristine recreational sand dunes in the western United States. The dunes were created over 11,000 years ago from terrace and well sorted quarts left by the Cimmaron River when it flowed across this area during the Pleistocene Age. This makes for some extremely fine quartz sand for OHV recreation.
Recreational vehicle riders come from the surounding ten states to vacation at the Little Sahara Sand Dunes State Park. The Little Sahara rates as one of the top 5 locations sand enthusiasts frequent with some of the most outragous off highway vehicles in the country.
You'll find every type of sand machine known to man at the dunes. Among the many forms of transportaton, you'll find Gary Clark of Clark Sand Cars (above) testing one of the many vehicles he custom designs for his clients out of Kansas City, KS.
Local restaurant owners like Dieter Dorner of the Bahnhof Cafe embrace all those who frequent the dunes and other local  attractions. When you visit Waynoka, you are treated like another one of their family.
Waynoka, OK is a ground-breaking community whose town officials have opened the doors to vacationing OHV owners. An OHV trail was built from the dunes to the OHV parking area located in town. Visitors can travel back and forth between the dunes and the local amenities.
Street and trail signs guide visitors along the trail and into the designated parking area. Make sure to read all the rules before using the trail.
This year-round recreational destination draws thousands of visitors regardless of the season. When other locations around the USA are frozen over, Waynoka provides activities for several sports. Some of the more famous events are  the "Snake Hunt" and "Sand Jam".
You will find sand dunes ranging from small smooth hills to the magestic competition hills towering over 100 feet. The park is also diverse with an elaborate sand trail system and long flat lands for the "sand dragsters".
Night riding is one of the passions of many Duners. You'll see lights spanning the sky in the early evening as these motorized camels of the desert  float over the soft sand. Even in the heat of the summer, recreational vehicles can be found streaming through the cool night air.
Practice makes perfect! This young man has all the right safety gear on for the warm summer months. Seen here soaring over one of the park's many jumps, this Colorado visitor is enjoying the only massive sand dunes for hundreds of miles.
Below you'll find a rather unique areal photo of the dunes at sun set. Dotted on the rim of a several dunes you will find ATV's lined up allong the sand. Some of the dunes can reach near 100 feet tall! For more photos of the dunes
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To the left, you will see the map of the new ATV OHV trail leading from the dunes to the town. Make sure to read all of the posted rules of the trail before using it. A few things stand out such as the need  for a driver's license, speed limits and a 8:00 pm closure for all "day use"  only trails.